Men’s fashion: How to wear a polo shirt

how to style a polo shirtDespite being a basic piece for men, on occasions we don’t know how to wear a polo shirt in the right way. We bring some fashion tips for men about how to wear, to combine them and how to be fashionable.

What is a polo shirt?

They have the same shape of the T-shirt, but the polo has a collar with buttons, they can be short or long sleeves. Usually on the front part of the collar has two or three buttons to adjust to your taste. Initially it was made as a uniform for polo players. And over time it was adopted for tennis players.

One of the people who popularised this type of clothing was the famous French tennis player RenĂ© Lacoste, founder of the Lacoste brand. The company specialised in the manufacture and sale of men’s shirts.

Afterwards designers adopted this type of T-shirt to be worn not only in sports practices, but also in various occasions. Today it is an essential piece in the wardrobe of a man.

Polo shirts are convenient and versatile garments, which allow to create a range of looks, from refined to casual. However, on occasions there are doubts about how to wear them and combine them correctly.

Types and styles of polo shirts

Polo shirts have been the fashion trend since the beginning of their popularity, becoming classics. The materials and designs of polo shirts have varied over time. There are long sleeves and also short sleeves. Short-sleeved polo shirts are a fashion classic, a must-have in every year’s spring-summer fashion show. They are ideal for all men, from youngsters to adults. It is the most popular, versatile and cool type of clothing.

Nowadays there is a variety of fabrics that can be used to make polo shirts for all occasions. Some brands use silk for the different and elegant designs, others use cotton which is one of the most popular. Sports brands prefer polyester for the manufacture of polo shirts because they are the most chosen for tennis and golf players, they provide a feeling of comfort and avoid that perspiration is a problem during practices.

As far as colours are concerned, the polo shirts are available in various colours, from the most basic ones like white, black or navy blue, to vibrant colours like yellow, orange and pink, and also the prints that are inspired in the Navy style with horizontal stripes that are very common for this style.

How to wear a polo shirt?

At first glance, this type of shirt may seem simple. But we give you various recommendations to style it in the best possible way.

The occasion

Polo shirts are one of the categories of men’s clothing, however, they are worn mainly when convenience is sought. Wear them for walks around town, outings with friends or special occasions that are not formal. Never wear polo shirts to formal events.

Wear your size

It is not advisable to wear very large or very small polo shirts. If the polo shirt is larger than your size, it may be very loose, the sleeves will be up to the elbow, and you will look untidy.

If it is too small, it will fit very snugly in the arms and the long sleeves will not be appropriate to your body. You don’t want people to think your polo shirt is shrinking.

Tucked in or out?

Everyone knows that this type of polo shirt can be worn tucked in or not. In the first place, if you want to wear a polo shirt inside the trousers, must take into account the correct size of the polo shirt, where the length is appropriate, and the edge does not protrude when you walk or bend down.

There are various brands that have the long waistband larger than other brands, which makes them ideal to wear inside the trousers. In these cases, the belt is a important accessory to complete your look and make a difference.

While brands like Lacoste polo shirts are more fitted to the body. So you can wear them on the outside, to give a favourable look to your body.

It all depends on the style you want to wear at the moment, the trousers you are wearing, how the polo fits and whether you want to wear a nice belt to determine if the polo is better inside or out the trousers.

The Colour

If you want a simple and clean look for outings with friends, combine your grey polo with short trousers with small patterns, vertical stripes, or a solid colour like celestial blue, to complete your look, wear white shoes, leather sandals or sneakers.

If you want to stand out at work or in the city, combine your polo with navy blue trousers and black leather boots, brown safari type boots. Another option is to combine it with white trousers and loafers which give a sophisticated look without much effort.

How to combine a black collared polo shirt?

If you are a casual type, you can wear a black polo shirt with black sweatpants and complete with black leather sneakers, but if you prefer braver fashion choices, you can simply change the black sneakers for the red colour.

For a more sophisticated look you can combine it with a pair of smart black trousers as a classic touch, complete with brown or black leather boots. If you want to tone down the look a bit, you can wear it with loafers. Also complete your look with a black blazer. When you have work plans, wear a black polo with black slim fit jeans and white or grey leather sneakers, all of which can be complemented with a nice jacket.

How to wear a white polo shirt?

If you’re a fan of casual, comfortable but refined looks, wear your white polo with navy blue chino trousers and white sneakers. Wear your polo with blue or black trousers, a cardigan and white leather sneakers and you won’t go unnoticed.

White is a very versatile colour that allows you to combine it as you like, so don’t be afraid to play with it.

How to wear a green polo?

Green, yellow, black or white? Collared polo shirts

It might be a bit complicated to combine green polo shirts, however it all depends on the tone you choose. It is a good idea to wear your green polo with blue trousers, if you feel that is a very simple look change the trousers for black chino trousers and complete with white sneakers that give a sophisticated touch. Also, you can combine it with white shorts or beige floral prints and complete with navy shoes, for a casual outing with friends.

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